“She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”

—J. D. Salinger, A Girl I Knew


If I ask you, “Do you really want to know?” you better be ready for the answer.

Today my co-worker said to me, “Did you really tell him [referring to a customer] one time that you were on your period?” I wondered how he even knew about that, but I just answered, “Yeah!” Confused, but a little proud. I almost asked how that even came up in their conversation especially because this incident happened months ago. Why bring it up? Why tell my male co-worker; why not say something to me when I was there? Bet you didn’t see this post to be about periods, lol. Here’s what happened… Continue reading

It’s 3:05am.

I am finishing up and going to sleep soon. All I hear are the clicks from my keyboard and my boyfriend sleeping on (or is it through?) facetime. He snores. I never thought I would enjoy the sound of someone snoring. I use to hate sharing a room with my sister or staying in a hotel room with my parents because they all snore. I’ve even gotten up in the middle of the night and to leave the room because I couldn’t take it. But here I am, listening to him snore, at peace. It’s actually weird if I don’t hear him snoring and it’s funny when people who have heard him snore ask, “How can you sleep through that?” I do it with a smile (:

&with that, goodnight.

Another Blog. Another Domain

Another attempt at having a blog, but I think this one might actually stick. Ngl, I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. Let’s be real. I’m no writer. My thoughts and ideas are all over the place. It also just seems like there is so much to consider when blogging. How often should I do it? What should I write about? (Especially if nothing really has been happening) Should I even share that? Could anyone even understand what I’m trying to say, because like I said, I’m all over the place. Here’s the thing.. I love it because sometimes I just need to get whatever is on my mind out; sometimes I just want to document what’s been going on or keep a collection of my favorite quotes and pictures. But that other side, the hate. I hate it because I can get lazy or too busy; I hate it because sometimes I think blogging doesn’t matter and what’s the point because who’s really reading it anyway? The real question I pose to myself is: Do I really believe that because I don’ think that can be true? I mean I have a bunch of blogs saved under my bookmarks and I use to be addicted to tumblr. I could scroll for days. Those blogs/bloggers influenced me whether they knew it or not. They gave me knowledge, made me laugh, and even comforted me when I was feeling down. I’m not saying this blog is going to do that. This blog is for me & maybe you’ll be able to relate. All I’m doing here is trying it again.. so here we go!